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    6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

      6 reasons why all men should claim a feline You are most likely acquainted with the expression ‘hounds are a man’s closest companion’ yet we believe it’s a great opportunity to bust the generalization and begin a feline man upheaval. New research by Cats Protection demonstrates that men who like mutts are still observed […] More

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    Helpful Advice on Caring for Senior Cats

    At some point or another, your adored feline will begin to get old and experience physical changes. This ordinarily happens between the ages of seven and ten. Nonetheless, some are sufficiently blessed to fight off significant changes until roughly 12 years of age. At whatever point the opportunity at long last arrives however, you should […] More

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    Cat Poisoning Symptoms Every Owner Should Know

    As felines are very inquisitive ordinarily, they can without much of a stretch get into things that shouldn’t. Indeed, even with your earnest attempts, your feline may ingest an unsafe substance lying around your home. Clearly, being harmed is a difficult circumstance that should be tended to right away. Side effects of harming in felines […] More