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6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

6 reasons why all men should claim a feline


6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

  • 6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

You are most likely acquainted with the expression ‘hounds are a man’s closest companion’ yet we believe it’s a great opportunity to bust the generalization and begin a feline man upheaval.

New research by Cats Protection demonstrates that men who like mutts are still observed as more manly than the individuals who like felines, however we need to put a conclusion to this misguided judgment.

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The discoveries originated from a review that requested that 2,000 men allocate credits to a man in two photographs – one with a feline and one with a pooch. The man with the canine was bound to be viewed as manly while the man with the feline was bound to be viewed as touchy.

In any case, as any pet proprietor will know, owning either creature requires the equivalent merciful characteristics thus there ought to be no judgment for men who wish to greet a moggy into their lives.

In case you’re thinking about turning into a feline father yet at the same time need some persuading, here are a few reasons why moggies make the best pets…

1. Felines give perpetual amusement

Each feline has their own one of a kind purrsonality complete with eccentric qualities that will interest and astound you in equivalent measure.

Regardless of whether they like to nap in bizarre spots, go insane for catnip or bring you odd things they’ve found on their endeavors, you’ll generally be kept on your toes.

6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

2. Felines can fit around your bustling way of life…

Most felines approve of being left along for a brief period, so you don’t have to stress over abandoning them when you get down to business or visit your companions for the afternoon.

On the off chance that you have a feline fold, at that point they can travel every which way however they see fit, in the event that your feline is glad to remain inside, at that point they will be there hanging tight for you when you return home.

3. … or be a pawsome reason to remain at home

6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

On the off chance that you’d preferably have a night in on the couch with a takeaway, numerous moggy buddies will cheerfully stay with you while you watch your preferred TV appear or do some gaming. They wouldn’t fret on the off chance that you hoard the remote or marathon watch a whole arrangement, as long as you give them a jawline rub once in a while.

There’s additionally no threat of them letting slip any Game of Thrones spoilers before you’ve gotten an opportunity to watch the following scene, not at all like some different companions you may know!

4. Felines can enable you to get a date

6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

Owning a feline demonstrates that you are minding and capable, both alluring characteristics to a potential accomplice. Take a stab at incorporating a photograph with your kitty on your dating profile and you’re certain to get a lot of swipes the correct way!

In the event that you do figure out how to sack a date, you’ll have a lot of charming feline photographs and stories to share as an ice breaker, and in the wake of perusing this blog you’ll have the option to wow them with some captivating cat realities as well!

5. Felines can enable you to relax

At the point when life gets occupied and upsetting, having a moggy at home will urge you to set aside some effort for yourself.

Everybody realizes that when a feline sits on your lap, you’re not permitted to get up so there’s no other viable option for you yet unwind. Also, there’s nothing more quieting than a feline’s delicate murmur.

6. You’ll be joining a feline cherishing network

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Around of quarter of USA grown-ups claim a feline, so you’ll be joining a network of a huge number of individuals that you’ll share at any rate one thing for all intents and purpose with… an affection for felines!

To begin a discussion with individual feline fathers, pursue our #cutekattycat in instagram or facebook and spread the news about man’s new closest companion!

Visit www.cutekattycat.com to discover more.

Helpful Advice on Caring for Senior Cats

6 reasons why all men should claim a feline

At some point or another, your adored feline will begin to get old and experience physical changes. This ordinarily happens between the ages of seven and ten. Nonetheless, some are sufficiently blessed to fight off significant changes until roughly 12 years of age. At whatever point the opportunity at long last arrives however, you should roll out a couple of improvements by they way you care for your pet. Continue perusing for valuable counsel on thinking about senior felines.

Most proprietors take their felines to the vet for a yearly test. More established felines should be seen by the vet more frequently than their more youthful partners since the danger of issues has expanded. It’s ideal to plan a health test at regular intervals.

You will likewise need to change what you feed your senior feline to some degree. Seniors who become less dynamic however are still sustained a similar measure of calories will more than likely turned out to be overweight. Corpulence is especially an issue for seniors, so a veterinarian-affirmed diet would be all together.

When thinking about senior felines, dependably guarantee that they generally approach crisp drinking water. Drying out more effectively sets in as felines advance in age. Their organs won’t react to ceaseless drying out either. The kidneys normally give seniors the most issue, and incessant parchedness unquestionably won’t benefit these crucial organs in any way.

Much the same as with people, joint inflammation turns into an issue for more seasoned felines. When joint pain sets in, your feline won’t be as physically dynamic as he used to be. Try not to be astounded in the event that he quits climbing the stairs or jumping up onto the windowsill. Ligament felines may even have issues getting into their litter boxes. In the event that you see yours has an issue with this, you can suit him by getting a shorter box or notwithstanding putting a lot of stairs next to it.

Dental consideration is significant for felines all things considered. For more seasoned felines, it turns out to be progressively significant. The danger of creating dental malady just increments with age. This infection can make enough agony shield your feline from eating.

Your feline may likewise lose the vitality to keep himself prepared appropriately. You don’t need him to build up a dry or unnecessarily messy coat. Tangling can likewise turn into an issue in the event that you have a since a long time ago haired breed. You can enable your senior feline to out by brushing him yourself once a day, or if nothing else a couple of times every week.

The progressions that happen in your senior feline aren’t simply physical. He may likewise show mental issues much like older people. He may meander around once in a while or even seem bewildered. A few felines become significantly more vocal and howl a lot for their proprietor’s preferring. When thinking about senior felines, additionally remember they may not react well to changes. Attempt to keep everything in the family unit equivalent to they do best with natural schedules.

There are many illnesses that are normal in more seasoned felines. Hypertension, kidney issues, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes mellitus are among the absolute generally normal. Various sorts of malignant growth are additionally increasingly common for matured felines.

With the expansion in danger of these illnesses, it’s imperative to screen your feline intently for changes. In the event that you see anything strange, you might need to give a vet a chance to give his feeling of it. Examinations led two times per year will ideally get any sicknesses at an early stage, which would ideally make it simpler to manage.

Cat Poisoning Symptoms Every Owner Should Know

Cat Poisoning Symptoms

As felines are very inquisitive ordinarily, they can without much of a stretch get into things that shouldn’t. Indeed, even with your earnest attempts, your feline may ingest an unsafe substance lying around your home.

Clearly, being harmed is a difficult circumstance that should be tended to right away. Side effects of harming in felines differ significantly relying upon the substance ingested. In any case, here are probably the most widely recognized signs that something might be genuinely amiss with your feline.


Dormancy is certainly a standout amongst the most well-known feline harming manifestations. Your ordinarily fiery feline won’t appear to have any vitality whatsoever. He will have all the earmarks of being frail and uninterested in exercises that he ordinarily appreciates partaking in regularly.


In the event that your feline isn’t dormant, at that point you may see something weird at whatever point he moves around subsequent to being harmed. He may falter around and be unfit to stroll in a straight line. This is unquestionably strange for felines.


Another sign that your feline may have ingested something he should is heaving. This is the body’s normal reaction to harming with an end goal to dispose of the hurtful substance. Now and again, blood will show up in the regurgitation.

Loose bowels

Heaving is only one way that your feline’s body attempts to dispose of destructive toxins. Loose bowels is one more technique. Similarly as with spewing, looseness of the bowels may now and again be joined by blood.


Breathing inappropriately unquestionably flags that something isn’t right with your feline. In the wake of being harmed, the breathing may begin to turn out to be quick and shallow. It is additionally normal for felines to salivate unnecessarily, particularly if the tongue begins swelling up.


In outrageous cases, seizures can likewise create because of harming in felines. Spasms may likewise happen. Both of these feline harming manifestations flags that the mind has been influenced, and treatment is required right away.


There are a couple of different incidental indications of harming in felines. Continuously focus if your feline is by all accounts encountering general agony or shortcoming. The presence of lack of hydration is additionally one of the regular feline harming indications to be careful about.

It unquestionably doesn’t pay to stick around and check whether things improve on the off chance that you imagine that there is some kind of problem with your feline. On the off chance that you even speculate that your feline has been harmed, at that point look for treatment right away. It’s ideal to be sheltered than sorry.